Special offer for celebrations

Offer for celebrations and weddings ALL INCLUSIVE

Offer includes

  1. Rent of the entire complex.
  2. Specially furnished Newlyweds room.
  3. Accommodation of all guests, with instructions for each guest on where to sleep.
  4. Welcome table with finger snacks.
  5. Festive meal of your choice from the menu
  6. Breakfast.
  7. Chair covers, cloth napkins, as well as decors for guest tables, Newlyweds place, the outdoor area and the ritual place.
  8. Photo corner.
  9. Farm yard tour, with possible feeding of animals.
  10. Wedding cake made using only natural ingredients.
  11. Hot sauna and tub in the next morning.

Offer costs per person: EUR 55

50% discount for children under 11!

Offer valid from 50 full-price guests from 5 pm until 1 pm on the next day.
By an agreement, as long as the next day is available, celebration can be extended till the evening with no extra charge.

Costs of fresh flowers, floristic services, candles and other irreplaceable personalized items for decorations are not included.

If you require detailed information or want to book, please call Uldis 28117861, e-mail to info@upesliciatputai.lv.

Thank you!

We reserve the right to change the content of the offer without prior notice, except if the agreement on celebration or wedding has already been made