If you are preparing for a smaller or larger celebration and are looking for a place for a wedding, a birthday or a big anniversary,
Upeslici for Recreation is the right choice!


Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebrations in a spacious room decorated according to your wishes with beautiful lighting, delicious food for different tastes, accommodation in 12 rooms, as well as in the attic. We also offer guests a sauna and outdoor hot water tub during the celebration or in the next morning, swimming in the pond or lazing on the lawn – all this is possible in Upeslici for Recreation. Both children and adults can visit our farm yard, where it is possible not just to stroke, but also to feed alpacas, pygmy goats and sheep.

We can comfortably serve up to 80 guests in the celebration room during the summer season (the celebration place can be heated, and events can be organized there even if it is -5 degrees outside), while in winter you can safely celebrate events in our fireplace hall, which can accommodate up to 40 guests, or in sauna house for up to 10 guests.

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Special offers for a large number of guests, additional equipment and facilities are also available