Only amateur and sport fishing is allowed.


  • Only amateur and sport fishing is allowed.
  • The visitors are forbidden to take their pets (dogs, cats, a.o.) into the territory and stay there with them.
  • The fishing licence shall be paid separately and shall be valid during the light time of one day – from sun rise till sun set, but no earlier than from 8 A.M. and no later than 10 P.M.
  • During the dark hours of a day, twilight and night fishing shall be forbidden. The fishing tools shall be collected and stored.
  • It shall be categorically forbidden to use fishing nets, trammel nets, and other tools that belong to poaching or industrial fishing means.
  • The fish shall be fed or special baits will be used only with a permission from the owner or his/her representative.
  • The catch shall be stored in the water body in a wide cage immersed in water till the end of fishing, or it shall be let out in the water body.
  • It shall be paid separately for the caught fish shall be paid separately. Sturgeons shall be kept in a cage till the end of fishing only in a case if the catch has been paid for.
  • The fish shall be left in a cage for the night only after the catch weighting and payment.
  • The fishing place shall be left clean after fishing, and the rubbish shall be collected.
  • It shall be forbidden to leave the fishing place leaving the fishing tools without any supervision.
  • In a case of intentional or unintentional hiding of ca catch a fine of 50.00 EUR and more shall be enforced, or within the amount of a triple value of a catch (the value shall depend on the weight and kind of fish). The fine enforced shall be used for the fish resource renewal.
  • The leased inventory and the leased places shall be accepted and delivered only in the presence of the household representative. Any damage done to the household shall be compensated immediately.
  • In a case of the visitors violating these Rules, the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, behaviour rules in public places, and any other generally accepted rules, the owner of the household or his/her representative shall have the right to ask the visitors to leave the territory of the household immediately.
  • It shall be the duty of the visitors to take into consideration the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the generally accepted norms of behaviour.
  • In a case of cancelling the reservation of a particular rest area and overnight accommodations within the territory of the household, the advanced payment shall not be repaid.
  • All the payments on the spot shall be available only in cash, whereas the advanced payments shall be executed in a form of a bank transfer.