We offer you an exclusive opportunity in the sturgeon fishing recreation campsite “Upeslīči”, which is located only one kilometre from Jelgava.

There are different kinds of fish in our small 0.5 ha pond, but most of all we have sturgeons.

In comparison with other fishing sites in Latvia we offer you a unique possibility to use the recreation site infrastructure only for you individually. That means that either you will be alone, with your family, or friends we guarantee you that no other company will be disturbing your peace within this period of time.

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy those unexperienced feelings which every fisherman both, a beginner and a professional, has when at the end of one`s fishing rod a sturgeon is caught. In sturgeon fishing a fact must be taken into account that in comparison with a tench much more effort must be put in pulling it out from the pond to the bank. The fact that occasionally a sturgeon jumps highly above the water surface in some part of a pond gives particular adrenaline teasing the fishermen who have not yet gotten their catch.

After you have caught your fish

offer you to cook it on the spot in several variations

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