Contact with alpacas can be of great benefit to children and adults with problems of emotional nature, children with learning and concentration difficulties and older people suffering from dementia


Alpacas are fantastic creatures making people feel comfortable. They are so loving, friendly and, of course, invaluable, they are very plain, and they don't care what a person looks like and what and how they do.

Alpacas can be very entertaining, amusing, not only will you smile when watching them, but contact with them is a great way to forget about everyday problems.


The importance of touch is necessary for our emotional and physical well-being. It can be very difficult for children and adults who are sick and have been touched by another person to accept it, but the touch of a warm animal is harmless and gives pleasure to that individual. Although alpacas are large animals, it gives a sense of safety and peace.

One of the most common factors in children and adults suffering from various difficulties is low self-esteem, these people are focused solely on their problems every day.

Animals can help you re-focus on the environment, and when you talk to animals and observe their behaviour, the individual thinks of things other than themselves. This in itself can be very therapeutic and lead to trust in and love for this person from the animal, which is difficult for a child or adult to accept from a human.

We organize special therapy sessions for people of all ages, although children must be 7 or older.

Other residents of our Farm Yard will also participate in the special sessions, giving the opportunity to stroke even small animals, gaining additional benefit from the visit.

We have learned the basics of alpaca therapy in special training abroad, and we have obtained the necessary certificates.

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Alpaca therapy

Therapy classes take place twice a month